We are dedicated to minimizing our impact on the environment as we work, financially supporting our National Parks and Public Lands, and continually evaluating how we can make a difference in protecting the only world we have.

  • All client galleries are delivered electronically, avoiding the carbon and plastic footprints of mailed CDs, USB drives or other transfer methods. When the physical delivery of files is requested, a donation is made to The Plastic Offset Company which removes one pound of plastic from the environment per donation.

  • When photographing landscapes and conducting sessions on our protected lands, we utilize Leave No Trace principles. We also offer the option for customers to donate to the National Park or Public Lands where the photo was taken to support upkeep of the lands, restoration efforts, and public programs for education about the appreciation and maintenance of natural resources.

  • We are carbon neutral! We make every effort to minimize our impact on the environment, but necessities such as driving, using electricity and climate controlling our office space can’t be avoided. Therefore, we calculate our monthly greenhouse gas emissions and purchase the associated amount of carbon offsets from Terrapass, an organization that funds renewable energy and methane capture projects to offset our impact on the environment. Interested in doing this yourself? Check out Terrapass’ website where there are options for individuals and businesses to calculate and offset their carbon footprint!

Do you have any questions about how our work impacts the environment, or suggestions for how we can continue to improve our efforts? We would LOVE to hear them! Please feel free to send us a note via the Contact Form above!